Reawakening Bangle


This work was made as part of Arbor's annual exhibition in 2017 with the theme Australiana.

Artist Statement: Devastatingly beautiful- the Australian landscape has always intrigued me. It has always welcomed me and made me feel a part of it. This piece is in recognition of the tenacity of this country. It’s ability to withstand terrible and destructive forces and display some of the most extreme climates, but still have an absolute will to thrive; it’s ability to produce some of the most beautiful occurrences of nature but also some of the most dangerous.
Reawakening: Thought to be charred and destroyed, only to regenerate into something stronger and even more magnificent.
This piece is meant to change in appearance, as it is loved and worn. 

The main part of the bangle is formed from reticulated, repousse worked sterling silver with 9c rose gold and 9c yellow gold detail and six Australian mined and cut sapphires. Approximately 40mm wide, it will fit a medium wrist

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