Emily Becher

Emily Becher works from her studio in NSW, specialising in contemporary hand crafted fine jewellery for occasions to remember and unique collections for everyday wear. After graduating from Jewellery studies at NMIT with High Distinction and receiving the ‘Best Hand Skills’ award in 2012, her jewellery and wearable art has been exhibited in numerous collaborative as well as jury selected exhibitions both in Australia and Internationally. Since graduating, Emily has continued to build on her skills, becoming a proud member of The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia which keeps her very involved and passionate about the advancement of quality craftsmanship in Australia.

Emily’s work has a strong focus on texture, forever evolving the tactile experience of jewellery and bringing to life the deep connection that one has with their choice of adornment. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design; meticulous hand-crafting and finishing, personalised details that transform jewellery into wearable art – these are the hallmarks of an Emily Becher creation.