So many shiny new things! June 09 2018

Winter has finally arrived and with it comes so many shiny new things to brighten up the dreary days ahead.

Keep an eye out for new updates as we get the blog up and running again. 

Here’s a lovely little lineup of treats from Status Anxiety, Bon Lux soy wax candles and A Little Light candles to warm you up in the mean time.

x Arbor

Special jewellery orders April 23 2016

Did you know that almost every piece of jewellery in the store can be ordered in specially with adjustments? Whether it be a ring made just for your particular finger size or a tweak on an existing design, we can pretty much do it all. Because all our jewellers are based in Australia the turnaround times are short (up to 3 weeks usually).

Brigid was over the moon with her custom order Sunggee Min pearl rings: sterling silver, 18c yellow gold, white diamond and yellow sapphire.

Sterling silver, 18c yellow gold, diamond, yellow sapphire

Rings, rings, rings April 21 2016

We have so much new work arriving weekly we almost can't keep up! A wide range of rings are available in store (and soon to be online), including Emily Becher's super organic and oxidised sterling silver string rings, Ellinor Mazza's very matte hammer textured white gold band and Sarah Wallace's refined bezel set two-tone gold ring, featuring a gorgeous Australian Parti Sapphire.

Emily becher, organic ring, string ring

Ellinor mazza white gold wedding band men's jewellery

Sarah wallace engagement ring gold with parti sapphire

Christmas delivery from Elise Newman January 02 2015

Elise Newman slipped these beauties onto the shelf just days before Christmas...


White and yellow gold engagement and wedding band set with an inverted dome feature and just a sprinkle of grain set diamonds on each ring. We are in love 

New stock from Ruby Pilven October 15 2014

We've just received a parcel of new rings from Ruby Pilven which is always fun to unpack.
Each one is made locally here in Melbourne, crafted from porcelain clay shaped into individual designs, hand stained, each one unique.
Taught ceramics by her parents, Ruby uses only the purest porcelain clay, decorating her works with bold intricate patterns and gold luster highlights.
We've taken a liking to this black and gold coloured ring, but the picture doesn't really do justice to the captivating delicate swirls, unique colours and character of the designs. You've just got to come in and see these rings for yourself!

Brunswick Iconic - Luna Zucchi August 29 2014

In this exhibition, Brunswick Iconic, jewellers were asked to photograph a space, building, artwork or sign in the suburb of Brunswick and respond to it through their craft.
Work is available to view in the window of Arbor until 14th September 2014
East Brunswick Auto
East Brunswick Auto
Luna Zucchi likes eating ice cream, hanging out with her cats, days on the beach and creating intricate pieces of jewellery. She was drawn to jewellery by her interest in art and design, and the need to create with her hands. Each piece is carefully designed and made in her studio based on the west side of Melbourne. Delicate patterns, interesting forms, found objects and imagery are incorporated in her designs.
East Brunswick Auto Brooch
Around 11 years ago I lived in East Brunswick and stumbled across an old disused building. Even in its neglected state the once mechanics workshop displayed character and charm. The brooch I have created is a reflection of the shapes, forms and textures of the buildings exterior and hand painted signage. ‘East Brunswick Auto’ can still be found on the corner of Lygon and Albion Street.
Materials: Sterling silver

Brunswick Iconic - Mel Miller August 15 2014

In this exhibition, Brunswick Iconic, jewellers were asked to photograph a space, building, artwork or sign in the suburb of Brunswick and respond to it through their craft. 
Work is available to view in the window of Arbor until 14th September 2014
Fleming Park, East Brunswick
 Fleming Park, East Brunswick
Mel Miller completed a Master of Fine Art at RMIT University in 2009, after migrating to Australia from the United States in 2006. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including at the international exhibition of young designers Talente (Munich, 2011), in Australian Jewellery Topos touring in the Netherlands, USA and Australia (2009-2011), and in New Traditional Jewellery touring in the Netherlands and Germany (2010-2011). Mel's work has been awarded the Small Beautiful Objects Award in 2008 and featured in publications including 500 Enamelled Objects (Lark Books, 2009), New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World (Thames & Hudson, 2011) and Showcase 500 Rings (Lark Books, 2012). Mel has lectured in gold and silversmithing at RMIT University and is currently a Teacher of Jewellery at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.
 Fleming Park (spring, sunset) by Mel Miller
My work explores the significance of our interpretations of place and the development of a sense of belonging, through the observation of seemingly ordinary places in Brunswick and Melbourne's inner north. Fleming Park (spring, sunset) is the second landscape brooch in this series which looks at East Brunswick's Fleming Park.

But our urban landscapes are in constant flux, and after I finished the first brooch, the landscape changed. Oddly, when the decade-long drought broke and the rain began to fall, everywhere you looked in Brunswick, apartment buildings began to grow. Fleming Park's sunsets are now partially blocked by a seven storey concrete apartment block, whose tall walls and tiny windows show up in this piece.

The urban landscape is filled with mundane materials, and here they are set as if they were precious jewels. And look! In this light, they are. They take on preciousness, they command attention, and they begin to tell their story. I have chosen these materials because they are the only materials that tell this particular story - a photograph can't capture precisely this impression.

The work is informed by an Impressionist concern for the transient effects of colour and light. Once the light has changed, only the memory of this place at this moment can remain. But it is the record of this memory that reveals something magical.

Materials: Sterling silver, bouncy balls, felted wool, sapphire, tourmaline, Mexican opal
Price: $700