Staying Kind April 18 2020

We are highlighting some of the ways in which people are continuing to be creative during quarantine.  Our aim is to spark some inspiration, and connect more with our wonderful community.


Amelia Marks is known for her bright imagery and playfully printed aluminium jewellery.  Her clever designs have won awards and have cemented Amelia as one of Arbor’s most popular artists.


Inspired by a friend and faced with a very long Easter weekend, Amelia pulled out the best of her fabric stash and got to work making masks.*

“It was a joy to not only make something beautiful for others in this difficult time, but to also see my friends, many of whom have lost jobs or suffered reduced hours, still willing to donate to those most in need” says Amelia who is trading her beautiful masks for donations to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. 


We believe keeping your hands and minds busy is important. This is the time for keeping yourself inspired until we are able to wander again, and remaining kind, whatever the circumstance.





*”There is still a bit of uncertainty on how effective a fabric mask is in preventing the spread of disease and these masks are not a replacement for PPE but, when used correctly, may be useful for running essential errands. Please do your own research, and wear or don't wear whatever makes you feel comfortable” - Amelia Marks