Spectacular Spinels October 08 2018

The spinel, in my opinion, is a vastly underrated stone.  

This precious stone exists in a range of beautiful colours and often displays gorgeous undertones and an interesting lustre.  It is tough enough to withstand everyday wear and they are an affordable option while still a piece of luxurious beauty, royalty through history have definitely thought so with Spinels being featured in both the British and Iranian Crown Jewels.


Our much loved jeweller Aimee Sutanto uses Spinels of gorgeous greys and purples in her work.  Inspired by their versatility and unique beauty she cradles them in combinations of precious metals with soft finishes.

Aimee has lent us some amazing stones you can view in store for a limited time only. Come by and have a look or make an appointment to plan your perfect ring.

Xxx Arbor