Ruby Remake February 02 2019

A beautiful customer recently came in with some old family jewellery and an idea.  

She had seen Ellinor Mazza’s glorious lilypad halo and wondered if perhaps she could have her own. Elli carefully removed the heirloom diamonds and rubies from her jewels.  She then weighed, measured, calculated and alloyed the gold (and a wee piece of platinum) before rolling out and fabricating into her signature lilypad design.

The platinum setting was fused to the gold base and the stones were carefully laid out before being set and finished.

The result was a shining light of a ring, eliciting a flood of emotions for the wearer.

So much meaning and intent is contained in this very personal piece which will be enjoyed for generations to come.

If you have some old jewels and an idea, bring them in and have a chat, we love this type of work.

Xx Arbor