Opal love September 15 2018

While precious opal can be found elsewhere in the world, Australia produces the large majority of this spectacular mineraloid. 

Not just confined to your grandmothers jewellery box, opal is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and with the amazing play of colours found it’s easy to see why.  While opal can be a delicate stone it is often sandwiched between layers of a harder material to increase the strength and amplify the colours, these are called ‘doublets’ or ‘triplets. 

We have some beautiful examples in store including sterling silver and opal rings by Anastasia Mannix and Sarah Kellett’s iconic ‘Australiana’ ring which has been reimagined into a few amazing handcrafted, one of a kind rings already. 

Pop past the shop and have a look or make an appointment to commission your special piece. 


Xxx Arbor