Not just diamonds! March 02 2019

We love diamonds.  Adore, marvel at and covet them daily.  However they are not the only beautiful, precious and valuable stones worthy of an engagement or commitment ring.  

More and more we are seeing and making rings featuring coloured gemstones.

Not all stones are worthy of such a position however.  Not because they aren't beautiful, but perhaps they are too soft or fragile for daily wear and the longevity required of a future heirloom.

Some of the stones we recommend include Sapphire, Ruby and Spinel.  Sapphire and Ruby belong to the same gemstone family Corundum. They rank just under Diamond on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness and come in so many spectacular colours you’ll be spoilt for choice.  A standout among this group is the truly stunning Australian parti sapphires with their beautiful colour range through greens and blues.

The spinel is an underrated stone and is a wonderful replacement for diamonds in a range of settings.  It makes a gorgeous coloured feature stone and is able to be cut small enough to create pave settings in a halo or wedding ring.

We have a selection of loose stones in store as well as those already made into rings.  We can also source your dream stone for you. 

Drop by the store or make and appointment to discuss with one of our qualified jewellers.