Mexicali dreaming June 24 2018

The new ‘Mexicali’ range from Eli Speaks is full of lush, regal pieces featuring delicate hand engraving and carefully selected stones.  They are elegant without any chance of fading into the background.  

The ‘Palacio’ Ring cradles a stunning Burmese ruby in glorious 18 carat yellow gold while the ‘Mirador’ showcases some beautiful Australian Argyle diamonds in soft brushed 9 carat yellow gold.

The white gold pieces have a kind of grace that is usually reserved for antique jewels while maintaining the geometric symbolism of the Mayan influence.

The Mexicali range really covers a lot of ground while staying true to the incredible technical skills we’ve come to expect of artist Kate Higgins.

The range is now available online as well as in store.

X Arbor