It’s a colourful life October 14 2018

There are a myriad of ways to colour metal, some more effective or longer lasting than others.  Today we’re going to focus on two techniques that produce vibrant and permanent changes in colour resulting in beautiful bright jewellery.

The first has been used widely in both fashion and industry for a long time and involves heating titanium to produce permanent colour changes. This can be done either with a flame or by running an electrical current through the metal. Different masking materials or electrolyte baths can be used to produce patterns and other effects.  Amanda Croatto is a master in this technique producing amazingly bright and beautiful pieces that add some serious colour into your style.

The second is a technique that is gaining popularity because of the almost endless possibilities of images and colours that can be achieved. Sublimation printing involves a process by which the dye used transforms directly from a solid to a gas and is pressed firmly against the substrate producing a vibrant and long lasting image.

 The use of aluminium creates an amazing photo real picture in a lightweight and durable form. Amelia Marks uses her own photographs with silver and gold components to create gorgeous precious pieces.

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Xxx Arbor