Gorgeous Garnets October 21 2018

The garnet takes its name from the deep red seeds of the Pomegranate, a fruit which bears a similar weight in history as this beautiful gemstone.  

Stories of garnet can be found in Roman, Greek and Egyptian mythology and mentions can also be found in folklore from Africa, Asia and the Americas.  It was even said that a garnet was used to illuminate Noah’s Arc in biblical stories.


There is an inherently luscious feel to these gems and while the name conjures images of red wine and sacrificial blood the reality is this stone comes in many colours.  While reds are the most common, beautiful pinks, rusty oranges and even vivid greens are possible.


We have several beautiful examples in store.  Notable jeweller Melanie Hilder who nestles her bright red garnets in amongst native blossoms and seed pods has some beautiful work in store and online.

Xxx Arbor