Glorious Gold September 29 2018

We at Arbor are excited to announce that our very own Ellinor Mazza is now a certified fair trade goldsmith! Becoming one of the first Jewellers in Australia to offer truly traceable gold.

Achieving Fairtrade certification requires small-scale mining organisations to meet rigorous Fairtrade standards on working conditions, child labour, women’s rights, clean technology, health and safety, organisational management, democratic decision-making, transparency and traceability of their mining operations and responsible environmental management, to produce a gold product that can be labelled as fair trade.’*

Now your dream ring can be perfect from the ground up!

We will have pieces in our cabinet by the end of October (We were too excited to wait until then to tell our wonderful customers). Meanwhile, head over to our contact page to book an appointment to plan your bespoke piece.

For more info on fair trade mining visit

Now back to our holiday, we re-open on Thursday 4/10 but our online store never closes.

See you soon  

Xxx Arbor