Claire Taylor October 24 2020


When Claire Taylor was first interested in making jewellery she spent an inspiring few months in India followed by several trips to Morocco for love and for learning.  Claire recently returned to India again to learn the enamel techniques she has employed in her latest collection.

Before becoming a jeweller Claire taught english language and as a marriage of her two passions she began teaching jewellery making and small business skills as well which resulted in an exhibition ‘Mojawharat’ showcasing the work of her diverse migrant and refugee students here in Melbourne.

The vibrant colours, intricate motifs and techniques of applying them would weave their way into Claire’s jewellery for years to come.

As a cumulative result of these influences Claire has brought us a colourful new range of jewellery with bright enamel at the forefront.  This collection of joyful silver pieces is now available in store and online.