Caring for your jewels - Silver February 24 2019

Jewellery is a precious and personal thing, be it a meaningful trinket or an invaluable treasure, and should be cherished and cared for accordingly.

As all our jewels at Arbor are made by hand this is especially important.

Store your precious pieces carefully, separately to avoid scratching and lay chains and strands flat to avoid kinks or tangles.  

Tarnishing is a natural process with sterling silver and is easily removed, a gentle rub with a silver cloth is usually enough for polished pieces while more delicate or textured items may need a quick dip in silver solution (you can find both in store).

Avoid heavy work, gardening, weightlifting, cleaning products and other chemicals coming into contact with your jewellery, this can damage the piece and quicken tarnishing.

Oxidised silver has had a surface treatment applied that creates a rich black look on sterling silver. This will naturally wear over time which can add to the history of your piece.

If your jewellery starts looking really sad, or just needs a pep up come in to the shop and we can arrange cleaning or re-oxidising it for you.

Xx Arbor