Beach memories by Susan Ewington August 25 2018

We’ve had some beautiful sunny mornings in Melbourne lately and the anticipation of summer rises as the icy night before is forgotten. While it’s not quite beach weather yet these sunny mornings have had my little boy chattering about the beach house non stop.

Susan Ewington’s beach glass series easily evokes memories of windswept curls and sand between the toes. Tossed and tumbled through the ocean for hundreds of years and then carefully collected and enveloped in precious metal these treasures are uniquely beautiful and full of history and possibility, oh the places they might have been!

I’m quickly transported to long summer afternoons combing the beach for treasures, pretty shells, tiny crab claws and the glinting beauty of worn and beaten glass.

We have several beautiful colours of glass in both sterling silver and 9 carat gold online and in store now.

Xxx Arbor