A party in a Sapphire September 01 2018

(Swirl ring in 18 carat yellow and rose gold with South Australian Parti Sapphire by Ellinor Mazza)

Welcome springtime and what a beautiful sunny morning full of promise you have brought with you!  As the blossoms swell and bloom so too do the hearts of so many lovers with spring being a very popular time for proposals.  

While we do many gorgeous diamond engagement and commitment rings why not consider some beautiful coloured stones for your precious ring.

(White gold and free form Australian Parti Sapphire ring by Susan Ewington)

Recently we have been featuring some beautiful Australian Parti Sapphires. These stones are found all over the world but the bulk is homegrown making it a good choice if you would like less miles on your gem. The colours of this stone are what sets it apart, with beautiful shifts through blues, greens and yellows giving this stone the definition of ‘Parti’ meaning partition (not party, sadly). The sapphire remains strong through these colour changes making it a good choice to withstand the rigours of everyday wear.

(Sapphire and fresh gold ready to be made into something beautiful on the bench of Ellinor Mazza) 

We have so many beautiful pieces featuring these amazing stones as well as some seriously stunning loose stones in store.


(Gorgeous examples of Parti Sapphires cut by Paul Fenselau)

Come past the shop Thursday through Sunday and have a look or make an appointment to plan your perfect piece.

Xxx Arbor