Brunswick Iconic - Ellinor Mazza September 14 2014

In this exhibition, Brunswick Iconic, jewellers were asked to photograph a space, building, artwork or sign in the suburb of Brunswick and respond to it through their craft.
Work is available to view in the window of Arbor until 14th September 2014
Former Brunswick Hosiery Mills
Ellinor Mazza is a Melbourne based jeweller and designer. Obsessed with geometric shapes and how they appear and repeat in our everyday lives, she seeks to build these forms into comfortable, wearable designer pieces. Working in a number of materials and methods, Ellinor maintains a strong focus on Australian production and hand fabrication.
Ellinor completed her Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Jewellery) at Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2006.
Knitting Mills, 2014
The hosiery mills in Albert street, Brunswick closed down last year, the last of its kind in Australia. The specialised equipment in the factory has been sold to an overseas manufacturer.
I used the lines and form of the beautiful old sign to influence my design. Through the use of handmade chain, buttons and hand stitching I explored the everyday objects that once were made by hand, then moved to being created through manufacturing and are now mostly imported from countries where they are pumped out in the millions and are often made using the cheapest materials and processes available.
Materials: Sterling silver, cotton thread
Price: $590