Brunswick Iconic - Emily Becher September 09 2014

In this exhibition, Brunswick Iconic, jewellers were asked to photograph a space, building, artwork or sign in the suburb of Brunswick and respond to it through their craft.
Work is available to view in the window of Arbor until 14th September 2014
Artwork by AWOL CREW
Emily Becher graduated in 2012 from NMIT with an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Jewellery, and was awarded ‘Best Hand Skills’ of her graduating class by The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia of which she is now a member. Her work has been exhibited in numerous jury selected exhibitions including The Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award 2013, Graduate Metal ‘13, Contemporary Wearables ‘13 and the 2013 Beijing International Jewellery Art Biennial, amongst many other local collaborative exhibitions.
Many of Melbourne’s suburbs are renowned for their extensive display of street art upon the facades of the suburbs, Brunswick included. It’s one of the Iconic attractions that many Melbournians are proud of.
And yet these iconic works of art never last forever.
Less than 2kms from Arbor in Brunswick West there WAS a stunning display of talent from the AWOL crew. Now in 2014 this magnificent collaboration by Adnate, Slicer and Itch of the AWOL crew has partially been destroyed.
The piece of jewellery I’ve created for this exhibition portrays a combination of fragments of this iconic artwork. It is intended to wear as a single piece, but is fragmented to represent the deconstruction of what was once an iconic piece of street art. This piece is my way of celebrating and preserving it’s beauty before it’s lost forever.
Materials: Sterling silver, 9c yellow gold, thermal coloured Titanium, Titanium mesh necklets
Price: $2,670