Brunswick Iconic - Aimee Sutanto September 05 2014

In this exhibition, Brunswick Iconic, jewellers were asked to photograph a space, building, artwork or sign in the suburb of Brunswick and respond to it through their craft.
Work is available to view in the window of Arbor until 14th September 2014
Former Australian Liquorice Factory chimney
Aimée Sutanto is a Melbourne-based independent jeweller. Her main focus of work revolves around the deconstruction and reconstruction of cubes and their derivatives. With a background in Fine Art, jewellery manufacturing and jewellery design, her work aesthetic ranges from traditional to contemporary to conceptual pieces. She works from her bench at her studio in Chapel st, Windsor.
For the Origin is the Past, for the Past is the Foundaton
Brunswick to me has always been a district with a sense not unlike that of an irony, a nostalgic picture in grey of the days that have passed with the strong touch of urban and industrialisation. What stood out to me was an ornate chimney in octagonal shape in a warm red terracotta brick, which I later on found out to be a former Australian Licorice Factory chimney, a very successful firm for most part of last century until it was closed in 1985. Very well preserved, the chimney is a reminder of the growth and strength of the company through those decades, especially in Brunswick.

The focus of my work is both on the visual aspect of the chimney and the reiteration of the concept of foundation and growth. The shape of bricks are originally rectangular and I have used open construction of cubes instead which I have made askew (symbolising changes) into the shape resembling bonbon wrapping, the twisted wires resembling that of licorice. The pieces are then tessellated mimicking brick stacking, forming a foundation on which the construction radiates, growing and expanding.
Materials: Sterling silver
Price $900