Brunswick Iconic - Sarah Wallace September 01 2014

In this exhibition, Brunswick Iconic, jewellers were asked to photograph a space, building, artwork or sign in the suburb of Brunswick and respond to it through their craft.
Work is available to view in the window of Arbor until 14th September 2014
I am a jewellery and small object artist based in Melbourne. I completed my undergraduate degree in gold and silver-smithing and I’m currently working towards my Masters of Fine Art at RMIT.
Although I enjoy working with precious metals, my recent projects utilise materials not normally associated with jewellery such as concrete, mild steel, wood and flyscreen. Investigating these materials and the related techniques in a jewellery and small object context was the starting point for my most recent project.
My design process is initially research driven. Works start with sketches, I then respond intuitively through the exploration of my chosen materials. Shapes that evolved from the sketches develop further and are refined through the making process. I am particularly interested in the tension between the internal and external space of abstract objects. The boundary between what is contained and what is excluded is my primary focus. I explore this through extensive material exploration and intuitive making processes to create works that investigate the concepts of positive and negative volume and space.
Untitled (Vessel)
In this work, I aim to show my interest in positive and negative space as well as non-traditional jewellery materials. The concrete, paint and steel also reflect an industrial and urban art aspect of Brunswick.