Statement Ring February 23 2014

My grandmother was a very classy lady who had a number of dress rings that I can remember coveting as a child. My very favourite ring of hers is made from yellow gold and an emerald cut smokey quartz.

When I found this massive smokey quartz a couple of years ago I just knew it had to sit on the shelf and wait for the perfect design. It is quite dark and if it had been surrounded by metal then it would have looked black.

So, as happens, inspiration struck recently! And as I do when I have an idea that I am not sure I can execute with my current skills I contacted one of my jeweller friends who is amazing at wax carving (that is then cast into gold). Aimee Sutanto totally got my vision and brought it to life.

I chose 9c yellow gold because the washed out yellow suits the warmth of the stone.

Here it is, my Window Ring…

9c yellow gold with a 22.5 carat Smokey Quartz