Jewels and Gems July 06 2018

A perfect engagement ring is a truly personal thing. Here at Arbor, we encourage you to be involved in the entire process from concept through to completion.
We have a range of beautiful custom cut stones in store to inspire your design.
From stunning Australian parti sapphires to ethical diamonds we can find something perfect for your custom piece.
Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our jewellers or just drop by for a look, we’re always happy to help.

Pictures here feature a range of custom cut stones by Melbourne master stone cutter Paul Fenselau .

Xxx Arbor

New opening hours July 05 2018

Arbor is owned and staffed by Jewellers.
To give us time to make more beautiful pieces for you, we have made the decision to reduce our store hours. If you need to get in touch while we are closed please email and we will follow up with your enquiry as soon as possible!
Thanks for your understanding

Xxx Arbor

Your Dream Ring June 30 2018

At Arbor, we specialise in bespoke engagement, wedding and commitment rings. 

We can source ethical diamonds, gemstones and metals, or maybe you want to use your grandmothers old jewels to create something new.

The ring pictured features a synthetic blue sapphire, inherited family diamonds and local victorian gold.  Designed with the happy couple and lovingly hand fabricated by Ellinor Mazza, it's a beautiful example of what can be done.

With over twenty designers represented in store there is plenty of inspiration to be found.  All our lovely staff are also jewellers and can help design something perfect for you or your beloved, or both!

Xxx Arbor

Mexicali dreaming June 24 2018

The new ‘Mexicali’ range from Eli Speaks is full of lush, regal pieces featuring delicate hand engraving and carefully selected stones.  They are elegant without any chance of fading into the background.  

The ‘Palacio’ Ring cradles a stunning Burmese ruby in glorious 18 carat yellow gold while the ‘Mirador’ showcases some beautiful Australian Argyle diamonds in soft brushed 9 carat yellow gold.

The white gold pieces have a kind of grace that is usually reserved for antique jewels while maintaining the geometric symbolism of the Mayan influence.

The Mexicali range really covers a lot of ground while staying true to the incredible technical skills we’ve come to expect of artist Kate Higgins.

The range is now available online as well as in store.

X Arbor 

Bernie Ellen June 16 2018


Our Bernie, who’s smiling face you might see in store some days has a whole new range.
Delicate velvety black silver with splashes of bright high carat gold and contemporary hoop designs with elements meticulously handmade with ancient techniques, she marries styles and metals seamlessly.

X Arbor

Sarah Bourke June 14 2018


Sarah Bourke’s elegant wood and silver jewellery has been very popular recently, especially over Mother’s Day! We have now re-stocked with more beautiful pieces that nestle comfortably between organic and architectural sitting pretty in our front window.


X Arbor

So many shiny new things! June 09 2018

Winter has finally arrived and with it comes so many shiny new things to brighten up the dreary days ahead.

Keep an eye out for new updates as we get the blog up and running again. 

Here’s a lovely little lineup of treats from Status Anxiety, Bon Lux soy wax candles and A Little Light candles to warm you up in the mean time.

x Arbor

New work: Amanda Croatto December 08 2017

One of our newest artists to join the crew is Brunswick-based Amanda Croatto. Working predominantly in titanium, Amanda creates some amazing colours and patterns using annodising.

Aluminium December 08 2017

Recent graduate Amelia Marks creates really interesting works using the process of sublimation printed aluminium. Pairing this colourful work with sterling silver and gold means she can create unique, wearable artworks that will be a treasure and a delight! Amelia's Prickly Pear earrings have already been a big hit and are usually snapped up quickly. See for yourself in store and online. 

Remodeling November 30 2017

We have been lucky enough to do some really great remodels recently! Anneleis had some gold pieces from childhood that she was not keen on wearing. Being a combination of 14c yellow gold and 18c yellow gold, a design was devised that could use both metals without needing to mix them.

Scroll for some progress photos of the ring that was made, using old jewellery and making it modern and fresh!

It's not just jewellery! November 15 2017

Arbor holds a collection of carefully selected objects and leather goods along with our large collection of Australian made jewellery.

A Little Light candles, Ruby Pilven porcelain, Bon Lux candles and Status Anxiety are among the quality and colourful goods you can find stocking our pigeonholes. 

Opal love October 11 2017

We have recently received a delivery of stunning opal pieces, each handcrafted in sterling silver or yellow gold by Anastasia Mannix, and featuring an Australian sourced and cut ethical opal. 

If you love these fascinating stones then pop past for a browse.

Focus on Susan Ewington September 13 2017

Susan Ewington has been a part of the Arbor family for over 7 years and we have gladly observed her development as an artist. With strong design aesthetics and a focus on traditionally hand fabricated pieces, Susan's most popular styles include her offset freeform sapphire rings and beach glass earrings.

Check out her lovely work for yourself on the website or in store.

New Jeweller Sarah Bouke August 26 2017

We are pleased to welcome the lovely work of NSW based jeweller Sarah Bourke to Arbor. 

Sarah seamlessly marries wood and sterling silver in her captivating collection of earrings and pendants. Natural materials are carved into flowing forms that inspire tactility. 

Each piece is carefully constructed by hand in Sarah's solar powered bush studio.

Sterling silver and wenge wood necklace and stud earrings

Bold Garnet Necklace August 24 2017

Melbourne artist Melanie Hilder is inspired by nature, taking cues from the Dandenong Ranges where she grew up. 

Part of her latest delivery is a beautiful sterling silver necklace dotted with bright red garnets. A real showstopper!

 Sterling silver and garnet necklace

New Jeweller Antonia Field August 20 2017

Originally from Melbourne and now based in Adelaide, Antonia Field creates beautiful, wearable works that use the natural world as her inspiration. Using discarded pieces of seaweed that are moulded and cast into precious metals, Antonia then forms the pieces of sterling silver and gold into earrings, pendants, rings and brooches that give the feel of the original plant being swept up in the tide.

Antonia's gorgeous Seaweed Ring in 9c yellow gold is now available in store and online, along with a range of sterling silver works in store.

yellow gold seaweed ring by Antonia Field

Ethical Australian Precious Gems August 17 2017

Have you heard about the collection of carefully selected Australian gemstones that we now have in store? Celebrated Victorian stone cutter Paul Fenselau is the man behind the sparkling gems that grace our window. These pieces have been small scale mined in Australia (mostly Queensland) and transformed from rough to faceted in Victoria. Using his precision cutting equipment Paul carefully selects the design that will best suit the material he has available to allow for maximum impact with minimum wastage. 

Australian sapphires come in a range of colours, from deep blue to green and yellow. The Australian Parti Sapphire (where a stone shows two or more colours) has gained international attention in recent years. These stones are truly unique and impossible to recreate. 

See below for the Seagull Hexagon Cut Australian Parti Sapphire, as it was transformed from a loose stone to a beautiful engagement ring, custom made for Arbor by Orion Joel.

Australian Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring by Paul Fenselau and Orion Joel

Australiana: annual exhibition of jewellery August 15 2017

You are invited to join us for our annual exhibition of themed jewellery works from 6pm on Saturday 26th August 2017 at Arbor.

Each year Arbor jewellers are invited to participate in an exciting exhibition. In 2017 the theme of Australiana asked artists to consider a place in Australia where they feel a sense of belonging and to create a piece of wearable art that invokes the landscape or feel of the place.

Participating artists: Amelia Marks, Anastasia Mannix, Angela Natalier, Chris Sherwin, Eli Speaks, Elise Newman, Erin K, Georgie Brooks, Ida Maglai, Leonie Simpson, Lisa Zhou, Melanie Hilder, Minna Loft, Sarah Kellett, Tara Lofhelm.

A range of incredible and varied works will be available for viewing and purchase during the course of the exhibition. 

New work from Ada Hodgson August 14 2017

Ada Hodgson is a Melbourne-based jeweller working predominantly in sterling silver and enamel. Ada's Imaginary Planets series explores amazing colour combinations and effects in the form of earrings and pendants. Due to the nature of the enamelling process Ada often does not know how a piece will turn out until it has been fired in the kiln, making each piece of work truly unique and original.

 Ada Hodgson Enamelled earrings

Transformation - from old and broken to a future heirloom August 11 2017

Sharna picked up a gorgeous little emerald and diamond ring in a vintage store. Unfortunately, the ring was quite worn and some stones were at risk of falling out. After viewing the ring, Arbor director and practicing jeweller Ellinor Mazza advised that the current ring was not able to be repaired. A brand new ring was made in solid 18c yellow gold and the salvagable stones were used to create a quality, new ring with strong references to the old design. 

We are always happy to help to review your jewellery and can work with existing stones and metal that you supply to create a unique and truly special new piece. 

Emerald and Diamond gold ring handmade in Melbourne

New Artist! Amelia Marks joins Arbor July 28 2017

Recent graduate Amelia Marks has created a truly special and unique collection of works in sublimation printed Aluminium, Sterling silver and gold. We are proud to have her work in store, and one lucky lady snapped up a pair of Amelia's Prickly Pear studs which flew all the way up to Alice Springs!

Signet Ring Month July 24 2017

It must be the month for signet style rings - usually chunkier, flat topped styles with or without a stone. 

Our resident wax carving genius Aimee Sutanto has been doing an amazing job creating these pieces to order. 

Do you have something in mind? Contact us for a chat about your options.

Signet style ring in sterling silver with lapis

Alternative Metals from Brendan Cunningham July 21 2017

NSW based second generation jeweller Brendan Cunningham is obsessed with alternative jewellery materials. Although he mostly works on traditional styles of jewellery in his everyday work, he bought equipment and materials to begin experimenting with inert (non allergenic) metals such as Titanium, Zirconium and Tantalum. 

All these metals are a great option for someone who wants something a little different to the usual gold and silver, as well as offering a low allergen option for those sensitive types. 

Check out the selection online or in store and contact us to discuss your options.

tantalum rings

Studs, studs and studs May 10 2016

Everyone's favourite jewellery staple, the stud earring. We have so many options in store I can't even list them all! Here are a couple of varied samples for you...

Polli laser cut and etched stainless steel flower studs

Lisa Zhou sterling silver and freshwater pearl studs

Rachael Grigulis super long braille drop studs

A simple repair May 08 2016

Sometimes the simplest pieces of jewellery are the ones that hold the most value to us. Sarah picked this piece up at a European gallery many years ago. The cord holding it all together had seen better days, so we replaced it with fresh tigertail (nylon coated fine stainless steel wire) and voila! An old piece made new again

New work from our favourite Tasmanian April 30 2016

Nanna Woo is one creative lady! A mother to two young children, she also manages a busy accessories business. Hanna's latest offering as part of her Metanical collection, are these chunky, bright resin pieces embedded with metal flakes. Add a pop of colour to your cool weather wardrobe!

Resin bangle green metal

Sparkling blue resin earrings on sterling silver hooks

What we are eating: Winter Salads April 25 2016

Alright, winter is approaching and half the city is copping a cold or flu. Well, I have the perfect preventative salad! 

1 orange carrot, 1 yellow carrot, 1 small beetroot, a thumb end of ginger. Peel, chop in large pieces, whizz in your food processor until finely chopped. Dress with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Eat

Special jewellery orders April 23 2016

Did you know that almost every piece of jewellery in the store can be ordered in specially with adjustments? Whether it be a ring made just for your particular finger size or a tweak on an existing design, we can pretty much do it all. Because all our jewellers are based in Australia the turnaround times are short (up to 3 weeks usually).

Brigid was over the moon with her custom order Sunggee Min pearl rings: sterling silver, 18c yellow gold, white diamond and yellow sapphire.

Sterling silver, 18c yellow gold, diamond, yellow sapphire

Rings, rings, rings April 21 2016

We have so much new work arriving weekly we almost can't keep up! A wide range of rings are available in store (and soon to be online), including Emily Becher's super organic and oxidised sterling silver string rings, Ellinor Mazza's very matte hammer textured white gold band and Sarah Wallace's refined bezel set two-tone gold ring, featuring a gorgeous Australian Parti Sapphire.

Emily becher, organic ring, string ring

Ellinor mazza white gold wedding band men's jewellery

Sarah wallace engagement ring gold with parti sapphire

Takeawei Tumblers April 18 2016

We were blown away by the latest delivery of hand thrown ceramic vessels by Torquay-based artist Chela Edmunds. Just the most amazing mix of colours and moods in this range. Pop in for a look or we can email you images of the stock we have in store!

Engraving letter styles April 16 2016

We have always offered engraving inside rings or on other pieces of jewellery, but we have never had a sample plate...until now! With five styles to choose from, plain through to very ornate, all of our engraving is done by hand by our Melbourne based specialist 

It's not all about the stones.... April 14 2016

There is more than one way to add a splash of colour to your jewellery collection, like the following examples...

Susan Ewington yellow gold and green beachglass earrings

Melanie Hilder sterling silver bud ring with green enamel paint

Think outside the square, we do!

Summer dinners - Swedish potato salad December 06 2015

Our favourite dinner right now takes about 10 minutes to prep and is super tasty!

Boiled potatoes as the base, you can add on any tasty bits you desire. We had ours with Tassie smoked salmon, lemon aioli (mayo, lemon juice and evoo), avo, pickles and beetroot. Add an egg for extra protein or a little coleslaw for some more crunch. 

Winter Lake Ring by Aimee Sutanto December 03 2015

The very talented Melbourne jeweller Aimee Sutanto has added yet another option to her Winter Lake series, this 5 stone beauty. With her hammered and frosted texture in rose gold, the ring is topped off with 5 flush set champagne diamonds. Subtle and sparkly!


New work just in from Sarah Wallace December 02 2015

We are loving the super bright and summery colours in Sarah Wallace's new pieces. Hand cut and hard enamelled with sterling silver posts and chain



Wedding ring season December 01 2015

It definitely is wedding ring season! Did you know that all of our gold rings are made by hand to order? That means that we roll out, form and solder then hand finish to your specifications...

Pop in for a chat about your special rings any time. Arbor is staffed only by jewellers whose work is available in store.


Winter Food - Shepherds Pie April 25 2015

As the temperatures drop in Melbourne there is one sure recipe I always turn to - Shepherds Pie. You can pretty much throw anything in there and top it with mash then pop it in the oven.

Here is my recipe but you can replace the mince for lentils or tofu to vegetarianise it.


500g pork and beef mince

2 carrots grated

1 zucchini grated

3 sticks celery chopped fine

1 onion or leek chopped fine

1 kg dutch cream potatoes

barbeque sauce, soy sauce, butter, milk, salt, pepper, cornflour


Brown mince then add all vegies and gently saute until cooked through. Add sauces to taste. Add cornflour (mix 1 tsp into a small amount of warm water first). Cook potatoes through and mash with butter, milk, s&p.

Spread meat mixture into the base of a baking dish and spoon potato on top. Pop in the oven for 20-30 mins and then grill for 5 mins to brown the top.

Cool and eat!


Christmas delivery from Elise Newman January 02 2015

Elise Newman slipped these beauties onto the shelf just days before Christmas...


White and yellow gold engagement and wedding band set with an inverted dome feature and just a sprinkle of grain set diamonds on each ring. We are in love 

Banana Nice Cream December 07 2014

On my never ending quest to not eat too much refined sugar (and being a massive sweet tooth!) I am always keen to find tasty sweets that rely on naturally occurring sugars. So, I present to you....Banana Nice Cream! (I stole the name)



3-4 bananas, frozen

Chunk of cacao butter

1tbsp cocoa powder

1/4 cup cashews



Throw it all in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy

Eat immediately!


The Spotted Quoll - totally made in Tassie! December 07 2014

We are lucky enough to have a few talented Tasmanians showcasing their collections at Arbor. Another one has just joined the fold. The Spotted Quoll is the scarf label run by Tamika Bannister from her studio in Launceston, Tasmania. With a strong focus on ethical production and design, all pieces are printed and assembled in Tasmania. 

 The Spotted Quoll cotton scarf

A Story December 03 2014

Wanna hear a story? One time when my dad was 19 he went to Sicily and was asked by a now famous artist to transport this huge neckpiece to the north of Italy. After he delivered it he realised that these two bits had come off into his bag. Being a ratbag he didn't return them and 45 years later I am wearing them. The End

Irwin Rohl map cufflinks November 30 2014

We have lots of Irwin Rohl's beautiful map cufflinks in store, including this selection of Brunswick-focussed pairs. All these pieces are sterling silver with vintage maps set behind glass. We also take custom orders!

3 rings November 27 2014

3 rings by 3 jewellers. Elise Newman star sapphire ring with Kate Higgins soft facet ring in yellow gold for her. A brushed soft rounded wedding band for him by Ellinor Mazza. Our customers came in to check out rings 10 days before their wedding! A bit of a short timeframe but we managed to have all their rings ready by the wedding day.

New work from Beuy November 20 2014

As you may or may not know, all the jewellery and objects at Arbor are made in Australia (only the leather bags and wallets are designed here but made in Hong Kong). One of our favourite brands is Beuy. Jeweller and glass artist Tae Schmeisser has created this fun, colourful range and we just love wearing it! Made from laser cut anodised aluminium and proudly manufactured in Australia, these pieces make great gifts, for yourself or others!

Gold stackers November 16 2014

Lots of Ellinor Mazza's gold stacks just hit the shelf! These 4 colour 9c gold stacks are a daily classic


Arbor November 13 2014

Did you know......?

Lindegaard magic November 10 2014

Gasp! Sigh... New gold ring from the outstanding Lindegaard. Yellow and rose gold with a 4.8 carat cabochon green sapphire. Slightly dying right now

Arlia Hassell November 07 2014

Just arrived! Work from a brand new jeweller, Arlia Hassell. Her island inspired collection includes these coral and sterling silver studs and the cutest little crab pendant you ever saw, cast from a real found crab